28 November 2009

No More Apples

For several days now, I've been trying to explain to The Boys that there are no more apples in the orchard and won't be until next year.

Somehow I don't think they understand. Or, like Henry, they think I'm just holding out.


See that look in his eyes? It says, “I could find apples. You just won't let me in the orchard to look.”

And the horses are no better.


See, every day for the past few months, anytime JD or I have walked up the drive, everyone would come running over and we'd toss a few windfalls to them. And now that it's nearly winter, there's nothing left but bare branches.


I think it's pretty, all grey and wintery-looking, but I don't think they share my opinion.

I am a little sorry to see the end of the apples and pears. I got a late start on preserving this year and didn't put by as much as I'd have liked. But then I go look at the pantry and see what I did manage to put up - apple butter, jars of dried pears and cranberries, bags of apples in the freezer - and I can still get just glimpse of summer.

It will come around again. It will be spring and my flower boxes will need attention. It will be summer and time to go to the cherry orchards. And, eventually, it will be fall and there will be too many pears and apples and cranberries to keep up with.

So I remind myself that dreary weather outside means projects inside. And there are plenty. Holiday gifts to sew, deep cleaning (oh boy!) and, of course, using all those preserved foods - apple fruit leather, cranberry muffins, pear crisp. Yum!

What are your winter projects?

1 comment:

  1. I like when it gets cold and I have an excuse for not doing any work outside (except shoveling snow)

    This year, I really want to spruce up my bungalow and decorate. (I'll be singing the same wish next winter, I'm sure of it)

    You made me remember how my dad's dog would stop eating dog food in the summer. She only ate the pears that fell from the tree.


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