01 January 2010

Happy New Year - And Back To Work

Happy New Year Everyone!

JD and I had a quiet New Year's Eve. We had some barbecue (he beef, I tofu) and watched a cheesy movie (whose name I've already forgotten). A couple of minutes before midnight, we switched over to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve - the 37th year! Despite looking a little rough around the edges, he was right there for the final countdown. You have to admire his tenacity.

At midnight, we had a little toast of some lovely 12-year-old single-malt scotch, rich and smoky, and listened to the gunfire erupt from the hills around us. We thought Henry would be agitated by all the noise but he stayed stretched flat out on the sofa and barely opened his eyes. Midnight is late for a young dog, I suppose.

Whatever your choice of ways to welcome the New Year, I wish you all the best. As for me, I'm back to work today after five months on medical leave. I'm a bit nervous as my job can be physically demanding at times. My broken leg nearly matches my unaffected limb in strength and mobility, though, and I haven't felt the need to restrict my activity in some time. My surgeons and physical therapists took good care of me and I'm feeling ready to get back to normal. I'm not dying to go back to work on New Year's Day but it does have a satisfying clean slate sort of feel to it.

I'm not too keen on New Year's Resolutions but I do have one this year. In 2010, I resolve to not get run over by an SUV. Of course, resolutions are so often not kept, perhaps that's not a good idea.... So what about you? Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Have you made one that you kept? Perhaps we should resolve to do away with resolutions. Or pick a date around December 20. That way we'd only have to keep it for a couple of weeks rather than the pressure of an entire year. And if that works out, then we could try for December 10 and work up to the full 365 days gradually!

From everyone here at the Haphazard Homestead - Henry, Spike, Sir Robin and Lancelot, JD and I - best wishes to you all for a healthy, safe, SUV-free 2010!

P.S. I encourage feedback from readers - on content, on my writing, on anything at all! Feel free to add a comment via the link at the end of each post. Cheers!


  1. Hi Kate, I like your writing style very much - you have a great written "voice." Can I request a post from you? I'm curious about your accident and don't recall ever seeing you tell that story. What happened to your leg with the SUV? (Is there a Posie gets Cosy story here?)

    Best wishes to you on your return to work, and happy 2010! I don't make resolutions, but I set goals and I will be blogging them in the hopes of making myself stick to goals made public. ;-)

  2. I'll work on a post. The short version is that I was riding behind JD on his motorcycle on our way to Sturgis and an SUV made a u-turn without looking. I spent three days in the hospital with a broken tibia. Fortunately, JD only ended up with neck pain a few weeks later. We were sound enough, and perhaps stubborn enough, to rent a car and go on to Sturgis anyway!


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