26 February 2010

Haphazard Blogging

So I sort of just realized how long it's been since I put up a new post. Since returning to work in January, it's been increasingly hard for me to post with any regularity. Being back at work full-time plus doing a lot of sewing for my wedding clothes plus trying to spend time editing and re-organzing my photos has kept me terribly busy. The other problem I am experiencing is that the topics about which I like writing (homesteading stuff, gardening, canning, goats) are all sort of tucked away for the winter. (Okay, maybe not the goats but goat-centric projects certainly.) So I've found myself struggling to find something interesting to say.

There are a few little projects that I think are relevant and, I hope, interesting to readers so it's not like I have nothing at all about which to write but one of the things I'd like to improve the most about my writing is the speed at which I can turn out a finished project. I feel like my writing is okay but it takes me a long time to be able to say “Okay. It's done.” I'm sure the best way to decrease that time frame is to write more. So maybe my goal should just be to write more frequently - then the other issues, speed and quality, will fall away as a by-product.

I will do my best to get something up at least weekly. A couple of non-friend/family readers were kind enough to follow me. Not giving them (and my family/friends as well) something new would be a sorry way to repay them.

I thank you all for your patience and loyalty. For now, here's a picture or two. I hope you like them!

Rosehips at the elk feeding grounds, Mist, Oregon.


Lovely red blackberry vines in winter


Frosty spider webs.



  1. Good to see you're still out there. I really didn't notice your little hiatus since I'm on my own blog hiatus of sorts. You should never have to apologize for posting frequency. :-)

  2. Thanks! I like writing but time management isn't my strong suit. I'd be terrible at self-employment! Great boss, terrible employee! :-)


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