19 June 2010

Haphazard Wedding In Colorado

Despite the best efforts of the weather in Colorado last month, we managed to have the ceremony we wanted - outdoors, solitude, and sunny skies!

Our plan was to find a peaceful, isolated spot on some BLM/National Forest land and camp out for a few days. The weather made that a challenge, even in western Colorado. It clouded up and rained so much that we thought we were back in Oregon! But on Thursday around noon, we headed into the Wild Basin Area of the Rocky Mountain National Park and found a lovely little spot along a waterway. The sun came out and, being midweek, we were surrounded by nothing but trees and willows and peacefulness!

We changed into our fancy clothes and took a few before photos.

Then we sat down and married each other. It was just about perfect!

I'm no good with off the cuff speaking so I had organized my thoughts into "What I like about you", "What I promise to do" and "What I'm asking in return” and wrote it all down. JD had clearly thought about his side of things but is great at\ spontaneous speaking and just kind of followed my rough format.

I read "Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Dog" beforehand and a short part of "Song Of The Open Road" after, ("I give you my love more precious than money...").

He said some pretty wonderful things, of course, and I managed to only tear up a little!

Then we exchanged rings,

had a toast of some lovely 12 year old Glenfiddich and took a bunch more photos.


  1. Wonderful! I just love handcrafted wedding ceremonies. (loving his utilikilt and your green and blue outfit too!)

  2. Well, I only teared up a little when I told Toby about it, and a lot reading about it here. Congratulations again! Yours is one of the most romantic weddings I've ever heard of.

  3. Wedding week revisited. I love the pictures and your vows. We wish you all good things in the years ahead. We are 59 years ahead of you. Try to catch up, will you? : )

  4. Thanks everyone! We had a great time despite the cool/cold weather. Before we even got home we agreed to go somewhere hot for our first anniversary!

  5. Oh that *is* a Utilikilt. I love those!


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