20 June 2010

Tour De Marriage Photos

Part One

Here are a few more photos from our wedding trip.

We usually ended up out in the middle of the day taking photos. The sun is directly overhead and results in harsh shadows and washed-out colors. But the flowers were lovely and species that we don't ordinarily get to see so I couldn't resist. (Schnicklefritz, if you can identify any of these, I'd be obliged!)

Some kind of mallow, I believe.

I've never seen these before but they looked like little aliens.

A pretty little yellow flower only about two inches tall.

We had a little extra time and elected to drive through Arches National Park in Utah. I loved all the plants that grew in crevices in the rock.

One of my favorite plants: lovely, twisty juniper.

We expected Clint Eastwood to come riding along at any minute.

This photo doesn't really portray Grand View Point Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, very accurately. We were up on a high bluff overlooking a canyon that contained another canyon that was at least as deep. It's was pretty incredible and I recommend a trip here if you can make it. And, yes, that is snow at the edges of the lower canyon, so bring a jacket.


  1. Nice photos! The orange one is a globe mallow, probably Sphaeralcea coccinea. The space alien is a bladderstem, Eriogonum inflatum. I'm still working on the pretty little yellow one, but it looks like an evening primrose of some kind. I'll let you know if I come up with anything!

  2. Kate! I love the pix!! We soooo are going there. Yr wedding photos are fabulous, like a romance novel cover. Must have been the coolest wedding ever. My invisible tail wagged and wagged. Love you!

  3. @Schnickefritz - Oh, that's right, globe mallow. I saw that one in one of my books. And bladderstem should have been obvious, I suppose. :-) Thanks!

    @Trella - Thanks! Totally recommend a trip to Colorado. And yes, it was the coolest wedding ever! :-) Lots of love!


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